we are manufturer,exporter in cities of Congo  like Kinshasa,Lubumbashi ,Mbuji-Mayi,Kananga,Kisangani,Bukavu,Tshikapa and Kolwezi

Our Syrup Manufacturing Plant that is considered as valuable and highly commended in Congo due to their quality and functionality, mainly in the cities of Congo such as Kinshasa ,Lubumbashi,MbujiMayi,Kananga,Kisangani ,Bukavu,Tshikapaand,Kolwezi.Our products are demanded in diverse industries for versatile applications and are frequently imported by this country.

Our products are manufactured in accordance to the international quality standards. They are fabricated utilizing the state-of-the-art machines and equipment and are quality tested by the experts hence are reliable and durable which is why they are trusted in the industries of Congo cities like Likasi,Goma,Kikwit,Uvira,Bunia,Mbandaka and Matadi

Several industries of Congo like Cosmetic Industries, pharmaceutical Industries and tooth paste manufacturers etc opt for our products for their product processing .Our product are imported frequently by this country which itself testify that they offer high performance and are excellent in quality. Our products despite of their valuable and cost-effective utility are very reasonably priced.

 Syrup Manufacturing Plant exporter in cities of Congo  like Kinshasa,Lubumbashi ,Mbuji-Mayi,Kananga,Kisangani,Bukavu,Tshikapa and Kolwezi

Our Product List

Ketchup Processing System in Congo

Drying and Cleaning System in Congo

Syrup Manufacturing Plant in Congo

Soft Gelatin Plants in Congo

Injectable Section in Congo

Cream Manufacturing Plant in Congo

Shampoo Processing Plant in Congo

Cheese Processing System in Congo

Ointment Manufacturing Plant in Congo

Liquid Syrup Section in Congo

Ointment Cream Section in Congo

RO/WFI Tank System in Congo

Custom Processing System in Congo

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