We are Ketchup Processing System manufacture and supply from Mumbai, India.  We supplied tomato processing equipments such as Tomato washer, conveyor, crushing, pasteurization, evaporation, filling machinery. Silo offers two solutions for the production of ketchup and sauces that resemble ketchup: the batch line and the continuous line. Both lines are suitable for the production of real ketchup, starch-based ketchup and sauces such as Gypsy and schaschlik sauce.Depending on the volumes required, the ketchup or sauce can be produced in batches, which reduce the cost price. The process equipment is very simple to fresh so product changes in the batch systems are quick and simple. The continuous line is ideal for producing large volumes and ensures a consistent flow of produce: the continuous production of ketchup and sauces ensures that the cost is kept to a lowest.
Features of Ketchup Processing System

  • Low Energy Cost
  • Low Temperature Evaporation Resulting Improved Quality Of Products
  • User Friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy management

Use of Ketchup Processing System

  • Washing Machine
  • Sorting Conveyor
  • Elevator
  • Crusher
  • Cold/Hot Break System
  • Pulping Machine


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