We are Shampoo Processing Plant manufacturer and supplier from Mumbai, India. Shampoos are cleaning formulations made up primarily of chemical called surfactants that have the ability to surround oily material on surface and allow them to be rinsed away by water.

New detergents are less grating to the eyes and skin and have improved health and environmental individuality. We are also tagged as RO/WFI Tank System and Ketchup Processing System.

  Shampoos are manufactured by simple slow blending in a stirred vessel. Shampoos are cleaning formulations used for a wide range of application, including personal care, pet use, and carpet. Most commonly, shampoos are used for personal care, especially for washing the hair. Consumer product corporations will continue to produce new type of shampoos.

  • Complete filtration of the batch without any holdup due to reverse flow of liquid and hence large saving in time & cost.
  • Back wash facility can be provided for continuous operations.
  • No contamination of internal surface of shell.
  • The top dome structure ensures fast & easy removal of cartridge assembly & cleaning of cake.
  • No scavenger arrangement required.
  • The cake, filteraid & solids remain totally enclosed allowing filtration of toxic, hazardous & explosive liquids.

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